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SEO is brief for search engine optimization. Search engine optimisation could be a methodology of methods, techniques, and was used to increase the number of visitors to an internet site by getting a superior placement within the search results page of a search engine (SERP) - as well as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and different search engines.



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T2m URL SHortener

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5 Questions You Need To Evaluate to Find Right App Development Studio

If your business has finally been able to muster the courage and venture into the ever-growing world of technology and mobile apps, today’s your lucky day! Before being able to hire the best studio to develop one’s dearly beloved app, it’s important to answer these 5 key questions to help one make the best of decisions.

The chance of one’s business skyrocketing to success is can only an app away! But first, here are some key questions to ask yourself before hiring an App Development Studio:

1. Are Their Portfolios of My Liking?

Finding an App Development Studio that suits one’s requirements the best can be a lot of work as it involves skimming through various app development portfolios and searching for the most successful app developers.

However, if one sees something they like, it’s probably the first sign that this could be the potential “right” App Studio. Look through their portfolios, many of which can be found on their websites, and see whether their work fits with what one has in mind for their own future business’ app. Be observant of how much progress they have made in the past year and whether they specialize in the industry that one requires (e.g. Fitness, Social Media or Games).

Not only that, but check the reviews for their apps online at the Google Play Store or AppStore. Do their customers complain of bugs and lagging of the app? Have they made improvements to their app after all the complaints? How many stars have people given their apps? Do extensive research regarding what various studios have put out into the world of apps and how successful have they been?

If one likes what they see, this is an indication of having answered the first essential question before hiring an App Development studio.

2. Who Are Their Past and Present Clients? Are They Satisfied?

Take a look at who their clients were and currently are. Get in touch with them, contact this studio’s clients and don’t be afraid to ask. Get to know how their experience was. Was it amazing? Was it satisfactory or was it horrid? Ask them about the challenges they faced, how the studio dealt with them as a client and would they be open to working with this studio again?

By digging deep and finding out others’ hands-on experience, one will be able to get an idea of what it would be like to work with this particular studio. This is how the second question regarding hiring the dream app development studio is answered.

Not only will this help in narrowing one’s decision as to which studios to worth spending time on, but it will help give one a clear idea of what kind of experience as well as a response they require by hiring a particular studio.

3. What Platform Are They Capable of Developing For?

If one aims to make an app accessible to all customers and users, what is the best platform to make it available on? If one already has a platform in mind, does this particular App Development Studio allow the business to release an app on it? Getting to know if the studio has the ability to develop an app that is more suited for iOS or Android users? Will the app be available to users of all devices or just some? Will the app be available worldwide or only in the USA?

These questions are important to ask as well as answer in order to hire a studio that is able to fulfill the technical requirements.

4. How Much Time Will It Take?

How long will one be willing to wait for their dream app to be made? And how long will the App Development Studio take? If there’s a deadline that needs to be met, will this trusted studio be able to make it in time? Be sure to ask how practical it is for this studio to be able to produce what you want in the amount of time specified by them. If this particular studio is not too sure on delivering what one requires, look to hire another studio that can promise an efficient, quick and responsible service.

Also, evaluate if support is provided after the development work is completed. If warranty period is missing, or if support and maintenance are not provided, then it is time to look for a studio that does.

Maintenance and support can help with changes, new feature addition, and any updates that may be required due to OS updates. SAS Digital provides up to 3 months of free maintenance support post-delivery, after which it provides support and maintenance at reasonable rates.

5. How Much Will It Cost? Is This Studio Budget-Friendly?

Now, this is an important question to ask. A lot of the times, companies and studios can be very promising and successful; however, they can be way out of the business’ budget. It’s better to choose a small, affordable studio rather than hiring an over-the-top, expensive, popular studio that leaves one in debt.

Therefore, it is essential to ask oneself whether hiring this studio will allow one to still remain within their financial boundaries.

6. Will The App Make Money? How Will The Profit Be Split?

Another important thing to consider asking is if the mobile app makes revenue, how much will the Studio charge? Will there be a 50-50 split on profit? It is important to decide how much is to be charged for the development of the app so that a studio can be hired that is able to deliver as well as keep their promise of charging fairly.

Overall, it can be said that hiring the perfect App Development Studio takes time, effort and in-depth research about what one actually expects from the launch of a mobile application. Nevertheless, if one looks hard and long enough, they’ll find what they’re looking for.


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Why Is SEO Important


As people of the twenty-first century, whenever we require more information on something, our first instinct is to look it up on the internet with the help of a search engine. Chances are that almost always 4 out of 5 people will click on the website that shows up first. If one is keen on taking their website to the next level, SEO may be just the genie-in-lamp you are looking for!

In order to increase your website’s chances of being frequently clicked on and visited, knowing and applying the concepts of SEO or search engine optimization, is essential.

So, what is SEO?

It stands for Search Engine Optimization, a metaphoric rulebook for companies/website owners to follow in order to help increase their website’s ranking on any search engine.

Why is it so important?

In very basic terms, SEO will only benefit the website itself, making it more accessible, available, user-friendly and trustworthy.

Nowadays, using search engines has become second nature to us. Millions of users take the help of results offered by these engines such as Google and Bing in order to find information. School work, news reports and almost everything that is available online is found through search engines.

So, let us see how you can improve your website’s SEO:

1. Not Another Trust-Building Exercise!

SEO is significant because it helps internet users become familiar with one’s website and eventually learn to trust the results it produces. If one’s website shows up more often on the first page of results, chances are more people get to see the website, click on it and if satisfied, build a reliance on the website regarding their experience. This way the website helps gather visitors, customers, and clients with the help of SEO by building trust.

2. First Search, Then Share!

Build and perfect your own personal profile first. Share your business profile URLs within your own profile, populate your about us section with key details of your business, and mention the kind of products and services you offer. Your personal profile should be a visual landscape of your business so that people can relate you to your business easily.

Even if you do not portray yourself as a brand or a person behind your brand, you can still mark the products and services on your personal profile, to denote your support for them. Promote key elements of your business and your blog on your personal profile to indicate your support as well.

3. First Place

If more than one website is selling or promoting the same thing, websites with search engine optimization are more likely to grab the attention of customers and viewers who will see the website show up in the first few results. This way cut-throat competition between websites can be won with the help of SEO.

4. Cost-Effective

SEO is especially important for small-sized businesses that are looking to advertise themselves without going way over their allocated budget. It allows one to do cost-effectiveMARKETING through search engines. If you have a budget, you can always use keywords to promote your website through advertisements thus increasing your chances at visibility in the search results. This way, the SEO helps to create an online presence through the website’s frequent appearance on search engine results.

Just realize that a search engine optimized website has twice the advantage compared to a website that is not. Therefore, choosing to apply SEO principles to one’s websites may just be the fuel required to help the company’s spaceship to skyrocket!

Here are a few key steps in order to build a great SEO for one’s website:

SEO Tip #1:

It’s all about the title! Make sure that every blog post/article posted on the website contains an eye-catching title that includes certain specific keywords that when searched for, show up in the first few results because they are included in the article. For SEO that is specific to a country, refer to cities and use indigenous terms that make the title of the article more relevant in order to show up the first.

SEO Tip #2:

Along with that, use keywords frequently within the post as well, preferably in the first paragraph to build good SEO for the website. The more common terms, phrases, and keywords are used that people tend to search for, the greater the foundation for a fantastic search engine optimization! To do that, use keyword research tools that can help you find good keywords to use. Also, try using long tail keywords that are longer phrases that people use to search on search engines.

SEO Tip #3:

Link it up! Make sure to provide users on the website, suggestions for other articles and blog posts related to the searched article. This way it allows users to keep up to date with new and old posts that they might be interested in checking out. With interconnected links or internal link building, you have better chances of improving on your website’s SEO over time. Same goes for external link building through social media submissions, publishing articles and news items that have your website’s URLs, and directory submissions.

Overall, it can be said that building good SEO takes time but it pays off in the end. For beginners, it is a new venture into the big sea of business advances. However, good SEO may just be the best way to garner attention from internet users and eventually build clients!

If you’re looking for help on search engine optimization, keyword analysis, search engine advertisements, and more, you can always get in touch with us for a free quote and analysis.


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5 Steps to Follow to Hire a Great Design Studio

Design studios are hard to find, those that fulfill all your requirements. Sometimes, they have great testimonials but their portfolio might leave something to be said. Or they have great design concepts in their portfolio, but their testimonials are far and few between. But finding the right design studio that gives you great customer service as well as work, is like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you are on the lookout for a design studio that helps you climb the ladder of success in the business world, it can be quite a lot of work. However, once that perfect studio is found, you, as a small start-up or business may have the potential to skyrocket in terms of growth.

Here are 5 steps to follow in order to find your dream design studio:

1. Keep The End Goal in Mind

When looking for a design studio, keep in mind the requirements of your business needs. What is your aim after hiring them? How will this studio propel your business’s success? Remember the end goal of hiring a design studio for your business; this could be something along the lines of

  • Initiate a new type of branded advertising which will create greater recognition for the business as well as generating monthly revenue and profits
  • Using the help of rebranding to increase sales by 10-20%
  • Developing a customer-centric mobile app that works to build customer engagement
  • Enhance SEO of your blog to increase visibility of your website to the world

When you have set these goals, it is important that you note the areas of expertise your shortlisted design studios offer. Do they offer the services that will help you to meet these goals? Do they have the right portfolio to support these services? How popular is its social media presence? Are their testimonials supporting their services as well?

Make sure while hiring the design studio, that it not only “looks good,” but it has to be more specific, detailed and much more meaningful. Write down a few goals and check which agency provides the greatest potential and ability to help the business out.

2. Get Inspired

Find popular, well-known agencies and design studios and sift through their work. Does it serve as an inspiration? Is it in line with what you want your business to look like, or your website or mobile app, branding, exactly in line with what you have in mind? Find a particular design, font, layout, logo, colors and inspirational images that catch your eye and which depict the feel of what you want from your brand, etc.

The more specific you are with your choices and inspirational feel, the greater the possibility of finding the best-suited studio. You can always go to Pinterest to decide on your inspiration.

3. Start Searching

Once proper outlines have been made regarding finding the best studio, it’s time to start searching. Now, this may take some work. First, start with one’s inner circle and business colleagues. Ask around about who knows of a few design studios and whether they can help out with getting in touch with them. Next, try searching online. Although Google may have innumerable results for the words “design studio,” try putting in one’s location to narrow down and find specific, helpful results.

Check out their portfolios and websites, see what one likes and delve further into the details. Do they update their website frequently? Do they have good reviews from their clients?  Look at which businesses they’ve worked for in the past and how successful have they been in giving their clients what they want.

By going through all this effort, finding a design studio that identifies with the business’ beliefs, ideologies, and guarantees to deliver become much easier.

4. Make The First Move

Once you’ve narrowed down which design studios suit the business the best, start contacting them. The most common and efficient method is by picking up the phone or e-mailing the agencies. If composing an e-mail, make it formal as well as precise and make sure to leave all of your contact details so they can reach back easily.

Try and contact as many studios as possible, so that if one doesn’t respond, another surely will. Give every agency a full week to reply back, just in case they are busy with other clients. Once the replies come in, pay close attention to which agency responds best and which one makes the best connection with you. Comparing responses helps to decide which studio is more invested in working with you.

5. Cost Effective

One very important factor involved in finding the best designer studio is to consider the costs. Make sure that the preferred studio and your business are on the same page when it comes to the cost of producing and designing through the studio.

If you are a small start-up then the best studio would be the one which works on a small scale in a more affordable manner. It is essential that the budget is discussed before finalizing which designer studio to choose from. This way, finding the best designer studio becomes a whole lot easier and effective!

Overall, it can be said that finding the best design studio that suits one’s needs will take time and research. But once the dream studio is found, a lovely partnership blossoms, guaranteeing success and growth for both, the studio and the business.

And if you are interested in finding an efficient, trustworthy, creative design studio based out of New York, feel free to check out SAS Digital Agency for your needs!


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