Yoga For Flexibility The Best Yoga Poses For Inflexible People

We all know that genetics, age, weather, and weight are to be blamed for the body’s inflexibility, and with the help of yoga, we can easily resolve the problem. With the help of Yoga asana practice, a person can attain flexibility in no-time and reduce the chances of injury due to body stiffness. 
Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog)
The pose is great to treat several body issues as it gives the best stretch to the body. Adho Mukha Svanasana makes you flexible by stretching the following body muscles- back, shoulders, and hamstrings. It is an easy pose to do for strengthening the upper body. 
• Begin with standing on the four limbs- two hands and two legs. 
• Let your body form a table-like shape and then inhale slowly.
• While inhaling, lift the hips and align the knees and elbows. Form an inverted-V like shape with your body.
• Now put your hands on the ground and stretch the neck outward. Let the ears touch the inner side of the arms and hold the pose for 15-30 seconds.
Sucirandhrasana (Eye of the Needle Pose)
An easy and effective yoga pose to build flexibility. It is a beginner level pose that works great on the inflexible hips. 
• Lie straight on your back on the ground and then lift your legs.
• Now cross the left ankle over the right thigh. Then wrap the right thigh and hamstrings with your hands. It will give support to the leg.  
• Do not let the leg touch the bottom. Hold the pose for 30 seconds.
• Release the pose and repeat with the other side. 
Ardha Uttanasana (Half Forward Bend Pose)
The asana gives a great stretch to the inner thighs and hamstrings. Easy to perform, Ardha Uttanasana also strengthens the back, improves posture, and stimulates the belly. You can also practice seated half forward bend pose.
• Start with standing in Uttanasana (forward bend) with the feet separated apart. Let your knees bend as much as you want.  This will help to release tension from the back. 
• Now breathe in and lift the torso halfway at your hips with a flat back. Put your hands on the shins for supporting the back. 
• Now straighten the arms and lift the upper body away from the thighs.  You will feel a stretch between the front and back body. 
• The direction of the gaze should be set forward. This will lengthen your neck. Stay in the pose for 30 seconds.
• Breathe out and come back to Uttanasana position. 
Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)
This yoga asana opens the neck, shoulders, spine, back, heart, chest, and hip flexors. The asana improves the flexibility of the whole body.
• Lie straight on the back of the floor.  Now bend the knees with feet flat on the floor.
• Your knees should point upwards and arms beside the body.
• Now press your arms on the floor and lift the hips and back from the floor.
• Now lift the upper back and support the back with the hands, neck, and shoulders.  
• Hold the pose for 30-60 seconds. 
Utkatasana (Chair Pose)
The pose looks easy but takes a lot of strength while holding the posture. The pose helps in strengthening the legs and arms.
• Stand straight with feet slightly apart. Now bend the knees like you are sitting in a chair, and push down the pelvis. 
• Now raise the arms and tilt the head slightly upward. Do not bend the elbows and maintain a straight back. 
• Hold the pose for as long as you can. 
Yoga is a unique combination of deep body stretching, dynamic movements, and bends, which lengthen the muscles and realign the body. All these factors contribute to having a healthy and flexible body.


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