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Online Quran Academy now presents Online Tafseeer of the Quran Classes. Tafseer of the Holy Quran is the task of explaning the Holy Quran to the Muslims and reminding them that reading and reciting the Holy Quran is not enough. It is the duty of all the Muslims to make sure, all the teachings of the Holy Quran are available to them.

In this way, our Online Quran Academy is providing excellent and experienced tutors for you and your family. Our tutors are both male and female, if the students aims to study from a female tutor, he or she is required to ask as desired and our Online Quran Academy will work hard to make sure that not only does our clients get to stufy from their desired tutor, but are also able to learn and gain as much knowledge as they can.

Tafseer of the Holy Quran is the task of helping Muslims know what the Holy Quran is highlighting. The Tafseer of the Holy Quran is basically, the explanation of the Quranic words. Tafseer helps us know what the verses and Ayats have written in then. In this way, the duty of all the Muslims to understand the Holy Quran is also fulfilled, as they are able to know, with the help of Tafseer, the meaning and idea of the Quranic words.

The Holy Quran is the only book sent down to the mankind. It is the only Holy book which is the last book sent by Allah to our Holy Prophet PBUH.It is the most important source for us to know the value and worth of Islam and its teachings.

To help you know the Islamic teachings and principles, we have our very well qualified tutors providing the most right courses of Tafseer for you and for your family. Know the Tafseer of the Holy Quran in Our Online Quran Academy.

Types of Tafseer

The two major types of Tafseer are

  • Tafsir bil Riwaya

  • Tafsir bil Ray


Online Quran Academy provides several coures online. These classes are carried out Online.Learn Quran Online on Skype with the help of capable and well qualified tutors provided by Our Online Quran Academy. Our online Quran Academy only hires tutors who are well versed in all that they are about to teach. Our online Quran tutors are are helping millions of Muslims today. They are reading to help you and you family and assist them to learn the Holy Quran. Learn the Holy Quran online on skype. Learn Quran Online with Our Online Quran Academy. Our online Quran Academy will help you and your family become a better Muslim and a better human being. Increase your knowledge of the Holy Quran by taking our Online Courses on Skype from any corner of the World today by completing some formalities.  

Online Quran Academy providing Skype Quran Classes Online at home.With the help of our Online Quran Courses Muslims do not have to deal with the trouble of travelling from one place to another.

Moreover, in our Online Quran Academy there are a variety of courses available for you and your family. The courses are available for Muslims of all age groups. Our Online Quran Academy makes sure that the Islamic education should be accessible to all the Muslims in this world. In this way, online Quran courses provided by Usmania Quran Academy is providing Online Quran Courses.



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